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November 1, 2014 Watertown Pumpkin Stakes
Ben Menke - 6th Original OratoryBen Menke - 4th Novice ExtempHayden Cole - 5th Novice Extemp
November 4, 2014 SFL After School Debate
16-2 Squad Record; Five undefeated teams:
Ben Menke & Hallie Sagness
Haydn Cole & Audra Nickel
Allyson Kowalski & Alexis Janssen
Claire Tufty & Cody Schriever
Jack Olson & Evan Papka
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November 7, 2014 SFW Warrior

November 8, 2014 SFR Sweetstakes
35-14 Squad Win-Loss Record
Jordan Krouse 1st Place Novice LD
Hayden Cole & Landon Dinger 2nd Place Novice PF
Ben Menke & Hallie Sagness Semifinalist Novice PF
Ann Marie Anderson & Alex Cain Semifinalist Varsity PF
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November 13, SFW After School Debate
Team Record of 14-2
Landon Dinger & Megan Yee, Undefeated Team
Audra Nickel & Hayden Cole, Undefeated Team
Jack Olson & Evan Papka, Undefeated Team

November 14-15, Aberdeen Central Golden Eagle
Team Record of 27-7!
Hayden Cole & Landon Dinger, Co-Champions NPF
Ben Menke & Hallie Sagness, Co-Champions NPF
Megan Yee, 3rd Place NPF
Cody Schriever & Allyson Kowalski, 4th Place NPF
Ann Marie Anderson & Sydney Tuttle, 4th Place VPF
Jordann Krouse, 4th Place NLD
Jordann Krouse, Finalist Storytelling
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November 18, SF Roosevelt After School Debate
Team Record of 15-5
Landon Dinger, undefeated maverick
Hayden Cole & Audra Cole, undefeated team (Audra top speaker)
Ben Menke & Hallie Sagness, undefeated team

November 21-22, Mitchell McGovern
1st Place Team Efficiency Sweepstakes! (Sweeps points / entries)
Manaal Ali First Place Non-Original Oratory
Manaal Ali & Jordann Krouse 1st Place JVPF
Hayden Cole & Landon Dinger, 3rd Place NPF
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December 2, Harrisburg Lincoln County Quarrel Novice Debate Tournament
Team Record of 25-3
Hayden Cole & Audra Nickel - 1st Place 4-0
Landon Dinger - 2nd Place 4-0
Claire Tufty & Cody Schriever - 3rd Place 4-0
Ben Menke & Hallie Sagness - 4th Place 4-0
Evan Papka & Jack Olson - 3-1 record
Rachel Nelson & Megan Yee - 3-1 record
Allyson Kowalski & Alexis Janssen - 3-1 record

December 6, Okoboji Objective

December 9, SF O'Gorman After School Debate
Audra Nickel & Rachel Nelson 4-0 Undefeated Team
Hayden Cole & Landon Dinger 3-1
Jack Olson & Evan Papka 3-1
Hallie Sagness & Ben Menke 3-1

December 12-13, Dowling Catholic Paradigm, Des Moines, IA
Ann Marie Anderson & Alex Cain PF Quarterfinalists
Hayden Cole & Landon Dinger Novice PF Semifinalists
Dowling Team.JPG

December 19-20, Brookings Bell
Rachel Nelson & Claire Tufty - 1st Place Novice Public Forum
Hayden Cole & Landon Dinger - 4th Place Novice Public Forum
Grace Aasheim & Marisa Morris - 5th Place JV PF
Ann Marie Anderson & Alex Cain - 6th Place VPF
Jordann Krouse - 6th Place Novice Extemp
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January 10, CFC #2 Lennox
Manaal Ali & Jordan Krouse - 3rd place Varsity PF
Hayden Cole & Landon Dinger - 2nd place Novice PF
Jordann Krouse - 1st Place Novice Extemp
Landon Dinger - Finalist in Novice Extemp
Manaal Ali - 2nd place Varsity Oratory
Claire Tufty - Finalist in Novice Oratory

January 16-17 Silver Bowl, Sioux Falls Lincoln HS
Grace Aasheim & Marisa Morris, 2nd Place JV PF
Landon Dinger & Hayden Cole, Semifinalists in JV PF
Audra Nickel & Rachel Nelson, 2nd Place Novice PF
Allyson Kowalski & Evan Papka, Semifinalists in Novice PF
Jordann Krouse, 2nd place Novice Extemp
Landon Dinger, 3rd place Novice Extemp

HS Debate Silver Bowl McKee
January 23-24, Speech Fiesta, Watertown HS
Team Record of 25-6
Landon Dinger, Hayden Cole, Allyson Kowalski, & Evan Papka - Co-Champions Novice Public Forum
Audra Nickel & Megan Yee, Semifinalist Novice Public Forum
Landon Dinger, Finalist in Novice Extemp
Speech Fiesta Squad

January 31, Lewis & Clark, Yankton HS
Team Record of 34-6!
Allyson Kowalski, Evan Papka, Claire Tufty & Megan Yee - Novice PF Co-Champs
Ben Menke & Cody Schriever - 4th Place Novice PF
Landon Dinger, Hayden Cole, Marisa Morris & Grace Aasheim - JV PF Co-Champs
Ann Marie Anderson & Alex Cain - 3rd Place Varsity PF
Lewis clark 15 funny 1.JPG
Yankton 2015 awards
February 7, CFC #3, Sioux Falls Roosevelt HS
Team record of 15-5
Manaal Ali & Jordann Krouse, 3rd Place Varsity PF
Landon Dinger & Hayden Cole, 1st Place Novice PF
Manaal Ali, finalist varsity original oratory
Hayden Cole, finalist novice extemp
Landon Dinger, finalist novice extemp
Kailey Bechtold & Annika Paulson, finalist duo interp
Rushmore Challenge 2015 team
February 13, Rushmore Challenge, Harrisburg HS
Sydney Tuttle & Lucas Davis, 4th Place Varsity PF
Allyson Kowalski & Evan Papka, 2nd Place Novice PF
Landon Dinger & Hayden Cole, 3rd Place Novice PF
Claire Tufty & Megan Yee, 4th Place Novice PF
Jordann Krouse, 4th Place International Extemp

Quals 2015 Awards
February 27-28, Rushmore National Qualifier, Sioux Falls Roosevelt
Team Record of 14-8
Sydney Tuttle & Lucas Davis, National Qualifier Public Forum
Alex Cain & Ann Marie Anderson, 1st Alternate, Public Forum
Marisa Morris & Grace Aasheim, 6th Place, Public Forum
Jordann Krouse, 5th Place International Extemp

March 6-7, SDHSAA State Debate & IE Tournament
Sydney Tuttle & Lucas Davis, Quarterfinalists in AA PF
Jordann Krouse & Manaal ali, Quarterfinalists in AA PF
Manaal Ali, 2nd Place AA Original Oratory

March 27-28, Great Midwestern Novice Debate Championship, Iowa City, IA
Landon Dinger & Hayden Cole, 1st Place in Public Forum
Landon Dinger, 5th Place Speaker Award
Nov Nats Champs.jpg