Oral Interp Results for the 2011-2012 Season

SF O'Gorman After School Invite
Top Speakers: Maria Potratz and Shay Norris

Deuel Invitational - Clear Lake
Tristan Chasing Hawk - 1st Place Serious Prose
Tristan Chasing Hawk - 2nd Place Dramatic Interp
Keren Kabambi - Finalist in Poetry
Maria Potratz - Finalist in Dramatic Interp

SFL Stars and Stripes Spectacular
1st Place Class A Sweepstakes!!!!
Jessica Galinanes & Emily Zimmer - Semi Finalist in Duo
Tristan Chasing Hawk - Semi's in Prose
Tristan Chasing Hawk - Semi's in Drama

SF Lincoln After School Invite
Top Speakers: Maria Potratz

Lewis and Clark Invitational - Yankton
Brittnee Lint - 1st Poetry
Keren Kabambi - 2nd Poetry
Emily Zimmer - 3rd Poetry
Lynzie Townsend - 4th Poetry
Sadie Jensen - 1st Prose
Maria Potratz - 2nd Prose
Taylor Steen - 4th Prose
Tristan Chasing-Hawk - 1st Drama
Tristan Chasing-Hawk & Sadie Jensen - 2nd Duo
Emily Zimmer & Jessica Galinanes - 3rd Duo
Laura Hayes - 2nd Humor
Keren Kabambi - 3rd Non-Original Oratory

SF O'Gorman Speech Criterion
2nd Place Class A Sweepstakes!

SF Washington Warrior Invitational
Sadie Jensen - 2nd Place Serious Prose
Tristan Chasing-Hawk - 4th Place Dramatic Interp
Maria Potratz - 5th Place Novice Dramatic Interp
Conner Monsees - 2nd Place Novice Extemp
2nd Place Class A Team Sweeps - combined speech and debate
Region 1 Oral Interp
Region Sweepstakes Champion!
Tristan Chasing-Hawk - 1st Place Serious Plays (Drama)
Sadie Jensen - 1st Place Serious Prose
Tristan Chasing-Hawk and Sadie Jensen - 1st Place Duo Interp
Laura Hayes - 1st Place Humorous Interp
Brittnee Lint - 2nd Place Poetry
Keren Kabambi - 2nd Place Non-Original Oratory
Reader's Theater - 2nd Place: Emily Zimmer, Sadie Jensen, Brittnee Lint, Tristan Chasing-Hawk, Keren Kabambi

All 7 entries advanced to the State Festival!

SDHSAA State Tournament - Pierre
Team Excellence Award
Tristan Chasing-Hawk Superior Serious Plays
Sadie Jensen Superior Serious Prose
Laura Hayes Superior Humorous Interp
Sadie Jensen & Tristan Chasing-Hawk Superior Duo