Oral Interp 2010-2011 Tournament Information

This schedule is subject to change....

SF O'Gorman - October 5 Novice Interp

Deuel Invitational - October 9

Congrats to Sadie Jensen (7th - Prose), Caitlin Hanson (8th -Poetry), and Abby Flanders (10th-Poetry) for finishing in the top ten of their divisions. The team finished 4th just outside of sweepstakes.

SF Roosevelt - October 14 Novice Interp

SF Lincoln Stars and Stripes Spectacular - October 16

2nd place Class A Sweepstakes!
Sadie Jensen - Semi-finalist Prose
Caitlin Hanson - Semi finalist Poetry
Sadie Jensen & Emily Zimmer - Semifinalist Duo

SF Washington - October 19 Novice Interp

SF O'Gorman Criterion- October 23

2nd place Class A Sweepstakes!

SF Lincoln - October 26 Novice Interp

Yankton Fall Festival - October 30

Sadie Jensen - 1st Place Prose
Keren Kabambi - 2nd Place Non-Original Oratory
Tristan Chasing-Hawk - Finalist Prose
Sadie Jensen & Emily Zimmer - Finalist Duo

SF Washington Warrior Invitational - November 5

2nd Place Class A Sweepstakes!

Region Oral Interp in Harrisburg - November 16

CONGRATS to the Tigers for Taking First Place in the Region 1A Oral Interp Contest!!
The squad tied with Tea Area.
Advancing to the SDHSAA State Festival:
Sadie Jensen - Serios Prose
Cailtin Hanson - Poetry
Emily Zimmer - Serious Plays
Emily Zimmer & Sadie Jensen - Duo
Tristan Chasing-Hawk, Keren Kabambi, & Brittnee Lint - Readers Theatre

SDHSAA State Oral Interp in Aberdeen - December 3-4

Team Excellence Award!
Caitlin Hanson - Poetry - Superior
Sadie Jensen - Serious Prose - Superior
Sadie Jensen & Emily Zimmer - Duo - Superior